Sustainable fashion (I'm a Hero)

Sustainable fashion (I'm a Hero)

I'm a Hero collection is focused on a variety of inhumane fast fashion practices and carbon footprint . Our goal is to educate our team of supporters and make a difference by raising awareness of  recycling, re purposing and donating . 

We would like cover perspectives from fashion to the fact americans waste 40% of the food we Buy . With your help we can save the world and help fight the crisis that most americans are unaware of in Africa.

The lack of understanding is a weapon for disaster! We will use this collection to build sustainable fashion ! We will use the best quality products while using the least amount of energy ! 

Here at Neighborhood OOOlympion we are primarily focused on quality products ! We want this collection to be very special and each piece purchased  will be for a good cause ! 

The Brand for Winners ! 






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