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How you can repair your credit?

To build credit and establish it isn't as challenging as it may seem. But it takes time!

Student loans are very typical and places that sell cars typically ignore low credit scores, but the banks still charge higher interest rates. 

Option A

For any new credit builders, you can get your use self to establish credit thru a credit builder loan. It is very easy but requires the account to always pay on time or you will receive a late payment (which takes 7 years to be removed from your record)

Option B

you can apply for a student discovery if you're a student and want to establish credit.

Discover Student - NerdWallet Search


Try a capital one platinum secured card.

Credit Cards for Fair Credit | Credit Cards to Build Credit | Capital One

If have any charges you would like to dispute you should do it via mail with a credit repair letters. The trick most credit repair specialist use is they request proof of original paper to prove the debt belongs on the credit profile which they are attempting to repair.                                                                                If no one responds in a timely order legally they would have to remove the debt from the credit profile. It some cases you can also freeze the account you wish to not show up on account temporarily.

 I will be sharing some credit repair letters in my next blog tomorrow.

Here is great credit repair book. You could buy it and charge to fix their credit! The Easy Section 609 Credit Repair Secret: Remove All Negative Accounts In 30 Days Using A Federal Law Loophole That Works Every Time: 9781973444657: Weaver, Brandon: Books


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